Steve Price Needs to Take a Seat

Men like Steve Price need to take a seat when women are talking about Domestic Violence, which is the leading cause of death and injury for women under 45 in Australia. Steve Price’s defense of “blokes making jokes” is not only sick, but also extremely dangerous.

On ABC’s Q and A aired on Monday, 11th July Tarang Chawla shared the story of his 23-year-old sister who was stabbed to death by her partner last year, and asked panelists on the show their thoughts on the normalizing of such violence in the media. Steve Price, without acknowledging the incredible tragedy that Chawla’s family had faced, immediately went on the defensive for “his friend” AFL club president Eddie McGuire for his remarks against journalist Caroline Wilson – in which the men joked about  “drowning” Wilson and holding her under water on radio show Triple M. In doing so, Price not only tried to make light of these men’s comments but also of the very real and very serious problem of domestic violence in Australia.

When Vanessa Van Badham, having patiently waited for her turn to speak and having never cut off Price even once, started speaking about how social attitudes and misogynist jokes are directly linked to domestic violence, Price interjected and cut her off thirteen times. Van Badham has since written about what she would have said had Price not cut her off on the show.

Towards the end of their heated argument, as she was repeatedly trying to make her point and he was constantly cutting her off,  Price showed his true colors by calling Van Badham “hysterical” – which prompted a mic drop moment from her as she said, “Maybe it’s my ovaries making me do it Steve!”.

You can watch the video here.

It’s so important to keep this conversation going and to call out such behaviors at every level, and it’s good to see the inexcusable behavior by Steve Price was picked up by the  Huffington Post, Guardian Australia and others.


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